Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Giveaway Time!!!!

By now, anyone who knows me, knows I complain about the lack of really cute clothes for boys.
Seriously, they get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion.
Well not anymore thanks to Fat Tie.
These shirts are absolutely adorable!!!!!

And my readers are in luck.
Fat Tie has agreed to giveaway the shirt below to one of my lucky readers!
So if your little boy wears a size 2T, 3T, 4 or 5 you need to enter this giveaway!!!
Just how cute is this shirt.

And this company has also offered a 20% discount through April 16th to my readers.
Just use MINDLESS20 (case sensitive) when prompted for the promo code.

So how do you enter you ask?
Well I was thinking of having you jump thru hoops & juggling batons on fire
I have decided all you have to do is....
leave a comment telling me your fav piece of clothing for your little man.

That's it.
The contest will end March 19th at 8pm & the winner posted by Friday.

Please make sure there is a way for me to get ahold of you if you win.

So get to entering!!!
Woops out!



Ahaha I don't even have a baby, so I wouldn't want to take this prize away from someone who does, but that shirt is flipping awesome. That is all. Don't pick me. Just sayin'.


OH my gosh you are so right! Boys don't have enough cute clothes! When Chad was little I searched and searched for cute clothes for him. My faves were a couple of cute little outfits with trains on them. I have a new little nephew to shop for and sew for! I miss having a little boy!


My favorite piece of clothing, well item, for my little (big) man is shoes. I love stylish shoes for my son. They tie the outfit together. He loves the skater look. This shirt is adorable.


This is shirt is adorable. You are so right! Boys get the short end of the clothing stick. Boomer has a couple of preemie outfits that was just to cute. One had a truck on it and the other had a hammer and wrench on it. Plus he had a 6-9 month one piece that had a football on the front with the end zones on the butt. So cute! I have nephews that would be styling in this shirt! lol


My (almost) 7 month old son is sooo much harder to dress than my daughter ever was!! Girls stuff is so much cuter!! My favorite thing to put him in though is the one piece rompers, we've got about 6 or 7 of them from gymboree and they just seem so comfortable!! I'm totally loving this shirt though, he's a BIGGGG 7 month old, wearing size 12-18 month clothes so the 2t in this shirt would fit him well towards the fall!!


Oh I love them all, but my fav is the "Simon". And yes, they're aren't enough cute things out there for boys. Shame on of all boys and I sell all girly stuff. Jeez!

Angel S.

I love little boy outfits with cows on them. How weird is that? One in particular was this striped denim cover-all one piece that had a red hankie on the pocket and a smiling cow on the hip. It was SO cute!

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

OOooo you're so right about cute clothes for little boys Meghan! This one is PRECIOUS! While my BIG little boy is no longer in these sizes, I do have a little one with whom I'm very close who would look positively precious! Count me in the running!

Happy St. Patty's Day!


My first little one is a girl (almost 3 now) and I loooved finding all kinds of cute outfits for her. Now, with my son, who just turned 1, I get so frustrated shopping for him. I never knew boys clothes were so ughh. Really, the selection is much less than the girls' selection. And then the clothes that are offered, are usually pretty dull, ugly, or same old, same old.

Anyway, I'd love this for my don to wear this fall. So adorable! And I'm headed to their site now to see what else they have. My fav thing for him right now are the sunglass I just bought for him for the summer. I hope he'll wear them cause they are too cute.

I'm done rambling. Thanks so much for the chance to win!


lol such a cute shirt! I'm glad they are starting to come out with some cute things for lil men!


When Eric was born, I was so dreading having to go clothes shopping for him, as I hated going clothes shopping for my nephew, but loved going for my niece!!! Eric just looked at the picture of this shirt and said "I want that!!!!"

My fave thing for Eric right now are the "work out" suits from Adidas or know the "swishy pants" ones with zip up jackets???


Love that shirt! I'm in love with the aviator jackets that my sons wear. They're brown leather with sherpa collars and cuffs, and vintage aviator patches on the sleeves and front. So cute!


Oh how cute are these shirts!! You are right, they don't make the cute clothes for the boys like they do for the girls! I'd love to see that Old School fat Tie Riley on my grandson, Patrick. They have a little tie for him that he wears to church, and it is soooo cute (he is 9 mo old) but he keeps pulling it off...this would stay on! *L*


I love my son in camo pants with his favorite Army tank shirt. We have tried for 4 years to get him to not make a gun out of everything, but he is fascinated by Army tanks. So, we gave in and he is really cute in his tank shirt and wears it proudly.


It would have to be anything with Cubs' logo on it. Huge fans here. Please enter me!

andrea v

I have a boy and girl and it's so much easier to find clothes for my daughter. Same at garage sales, everything is pink. Anyway my son has a cute bears sweat suit that he loves and it's nice and warm.


i love my son all dressed up in a suit im sure he would not agree lol


the rusty tie shirt is cute!

I like comfy clothes for da boys :)

Lucky Girl

I'm still adjusting to shopping for boy clothes--we finally have a grandson in the family! These shorts are too cute, I love them all, but especially Rusty.

Happy Panda

Old School Fat Tie all the way!!!



Oh, I'd love to win. My son is just moving into the toddler sizes and he'd look adorable in that.

You are so right about the lack of cute boy clothes. It is so frustrating. The favorite clothing item I ever purchased for Linus was a long sleeve red t-shirt with a black skinny tie screened on. He rocked it. My current fave is a pair of Converse OneStars in red that I picked up at Target for less than $20. I love them and they look so hip.

So, pick me please otherwise I'll spend WAY too much at Fat Tie although I probably will anyway.


katie boyd

love it when the boy and the dad match...especially hawaiian. this would look super cute for a sunday at grammys! :O)


I love boys shoes- especially the little athletic shoes. I'd love to give this to a friend of mine. She has a new grandson who would look adorable in it!! thanks! ginger