Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2 posts, 1 day, what is the occasion?

The occasion is I have become the go to girl for mailboxes!
Can you believe it?????

Friends of mine have moved into a new home, so of course, house warming party looms on the horizon. I want to be unique in my gift so I got to thinking & thought MAILBOX....specifically Whitehall Mailboxes. Why this brand? I am on a green kick & these are made with recycled aluminum! Score!!!

So off I go & I am checking out these Customized Mailboxes.
Hello...this is classic style for excellent pricing....$157.00 with FREE shipping. Yes, yes, you read that right...FREE shipping plus the one year warranty. Perfect!

I actually took a shine to the Whitehall Wall Mounted Mailboxes for my friend & for myself....I am particulary found of this wall mounted mailbox for myself b/c it would fit in with the shabby chic look I am trying to achieve & again it's $119.00 with FREE shipping. You know what they say...if it's free it's for me.

I am definitely going with Whitehall Mailboxes for one for me & one for my friend. I like the guarantee & love, love, love the FREE shipping!!!! You go Whitehall Mailboxes!


So tonight we went to the local car show at Silver Diner. Bobster's cousin restores old cars & it had some '57 Chevy whatever in it (you can tell I know so much about cars...can't you?...Scarey eh?). Anyway we put Cheekers in his buggy. Well as we pushed him around, Cheeks noticed that all the cars had their hoods up to show off the motor. Next thing we know, he leans over & pops the hood of his buggy & then sits back as if to see "Check out my motor" (which is really just a sticky mess of a empty space!) It was too cute!

Well it is late.
I am a beat.
Remember stay tuned for pics of the elusive Poppop
The giveaway...I'll give you a hint...AVEENO.
Everyone now...oooh! aaaah!
The suspense is killing all of you I am sure.

Woops out!



I bet that was a cute scene!


Hi Meghan! You've won my giveaway for a mini DVD of "Greatest Racing Moments" - please e-mail me at deb(at)momstakeonthings(dot)com so I can get your info. and get it sent out to you. Congrats! :)


jam loving the new blog colours...

Kim - ScrapToMyLu

wow! love the new design!
I see you are getting some of the gigs I had. ching ching