Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!!!!
The weather is beautius mcdavis!
It is super duper nice, I'm tellin ya. Cool breeze, blue skies, nice temp.

So being that it's such a gorgeous day I have decided I would like to spruce up the outside of the abode.
Now I am, by no means, a gardner BUT I do like plants! I don't kill them easily so that is a plus for me. Anyway I decided I want to get some planters to put some pretty gardeny things in I found this site:
Love it! They have every planter imaginable, not to mention they do commercial size planters as for you people with B&M stores...check em out.

Anywho, I figured I would look at indoor planters first because I am trying to redecorate the abode, might as well start from the inside. I took a shine to this planter which will fit in with my shabby chic style that I am going it. I think it will look super sweet with some hydrangeas in it. I am planning on using silk ones inside. It's quite the steal as well at only $16.49 & best of shipping.

I found this planter for the front porch actually. I have a brick front & with the right flowers, I am thinking this one would look really nice against the brick but still fit the shabby chic theme I am going for. The have a nice selection of outside planters in all price ranges. So I am thinking of learning to garden....I hate to garden but with all the cool things I found at this site, the urge is striking.

Then again the urge is striking for another baby too!
Ah ha!
None of you saw that one coming, did ya???

Anyway, that is all I have to say about the planters for now.....I need to go shop some more at that site...I am loving it!

So, thoughts on the new look of my blog?
Like it?
Loathe it?
It's ah-right?
I am kind of diggin it for now......but I am a princess & thus I can change my mind at a moments notice!!!

Stay tuned for:
1. A giveaway
2. Pictures of the elusive Poppop....some say he's like the Lochness monster...doesn't really exist BUT I have proof! And no the photos will not be photoshopped!!!

On that note..........
Woops out!



Love the new LO! ^_^


i like the new look of your blog meghan.. it's kind of kichie.. looks like 1955 with the pink and black. not that i'd know anything about the fifties since i wasnt born til 1959.. uh huh yeah thats it 59 . well that is MY story and i'm stickin to it... and thanks for the


Love it! It's totally you.


Love you new look on your blog! It says Meghan all right! lol