Thursday, May 15, 2008

ANTM Winner!

Congratulation Whitney!!!
American's Next Top Model...a plus size girl!
You go girl.

Now, while I am glad a girl who has a little juicy booty one, take a gander at her:

Not so much a plus size as perhaps ate a little bit too much at lunch!
She's a 10.
I think it's fabulous that she won.
Now if I won, that would be plus size.
I am plus, plus, plus a size 10!
Really, I don't have juicy booty, I have the whole damn juice carton of booty!

I am blogging from work on my lunch hour (well actually 30 mins) since my home computer is giving me some issues, so if you don't see me you know why.

Nothing overally exciting is going on right now.
Which is a good thing!!!
Too much excitement can be well...exciting.

On that note....
~Woops out!