Thursday, May 08, 2008

Winner!! Winner!! Winner!!!

The time has come.
To pick the winner.
Who is it you ask?
Well check out that pretty face right down there!!!

It's Jacquie!
You go girl.
Email me your addy & I will get you your prize!

Now on another note, can I just say the
Hell's Kitchen is terrible this year. Talk about a lack of talent & the one guy, Matt, he gets on my last God forsaken nerve. Will I stop watching? Bite your tongue! Chef Ramsey is the reason I watch!!!

So Cheekers is almost done his 1st week at daycare.
He gets great reports at the end of the day but as soon as we pull up to the house, he starts to cry. Then he stops when I leave & when he sees me or his dad at the end of the day, he starts to cry again.
I also think he's getting his 2 yr top molars. They are the only teeth left to get for him. His tushie is red, he is drooling so much I am considering just tying a cup around his neck & he is, how shall we say, MISERABLE!
They sent home his 1st coloring page. I have it displayed proudly on my fridge!
He gets to play with cars & trucks while there.
That is his new thing....trucks & cars! While driving on the highway if he sees one, he promptly removes the bink & goes "OOOH! AAAH!" & points & laughs. When a bus or firetruck passes the house, he runs to the window or door & goes "OOOH! AAH" I also have to take him outside when the garbage truck comes so he can oogle that.
It's really cute tho.

Well on that note...
Woops out!



Meggers Indi used to do it to us as well. As soon as you turn around they are fine..

Drove me insane.. Sometimes she still does it to me...

Keep strong..