Saturday, May 03, 2008

Super Freak! Super Freak!

Driving home from dropping Bobster off to play race car, the song "Super Freak" comes on.
From the back I hear "Oooh! Turn it up!"

I then see this one, sitting next to my , doing the cabbage patch:

This one is behind me, doing his version of the running man:

This one is is in the third seat, fingers up in the air, doing a jig but only from the waist up.

This one is flapping his hands in the air.
I am trying not to piss myself at 4 of the whitest white boys trying to their groove on!

Woops out!



cutranother griswald family outing.. not that i'm outing anyone in the family. and if i am it doesnt make them a bad person...rock on


Don't ya know? It's called the white-boy groove. My husband is an expert!


OMG, I bet that was a site to behold...Hysterical!



Oh that is too funny!


Hi Meghan,
It's Jenny from Picky Palate. I hope you don't mind me commenting here. I found your blog from your post on my blog. Yes, we are LDS. It's funny how we can just tell that about each other. I do the same thing.

Even though I think most people know that I'm LDS on my blog, I don't come out and say it, because I have gotten some wierd inappropriate anti-Christ emails from "annonymous" people on my blog. So, that's why I'm telling you here and not my blog. Anyway, thanks for visiting!! Hope you'll visit again soon!


I bet that was way too funny!