Friday, May 16, 2008

Hey Ladies, what's your sign?

Doesn't he just look like he would be saying this in this shot?
Gold chain around his neck, hoop earing in his ear, doing his best Larry impersation from Three's Company.
Just a random shot of the Cheekers b/c really, he is just so freakin cute!

So the freebies came rollin in this week! Woo!
I got:
Country Home mag
Star mag
TV Guide
Schick Titanium Razor (this makes 2!!)
G'nites (Pull up's for when Cheeks get's to potty training)
Icy Hot back patch
Aqau Fresh Toothpaste
Sensodyne Toothpaste
Neutrogena Face Wash
Dog food
Cat food
And the week isn't open. I am anxious to see what tomorrow brings.
I already put the dog food in the bag for the shelter & I gave my mom the cat food. I read the mags & pass them on to the girl at work or my mom.

I am also into entering contests now.
I did & won those yummy dressings.
Which by the way I used the Santa Fe one the other night. I grilled some pork chops then smothered in the Santa Fe...pretty tasty! Cheeks dumped his on the floor....he was not fond of the cuisine!

Anyway here's an easy contest you can enter for a %10 g/c to Bob Evans.
Our local Bob Evans closed so we have to go a bit futher to maybe 2 towns over but they have excellent Grilled Cheese!
Check out this contest... It takes like 2 seconds, ok maybe like 2 minutes but it's quick & painless so go do it & see if you win!

Last night I made chicken that I found on here:
I altered it slightly with the spices I used. She called for Hot Salt, I used Adobo. It was pretty tasty. Bobster had the 3 leftovers today for lunch & said they were pretty yummy. So yea! I have made 3 things from this website & all 3 things got good reviews.
So check her out.
She is funny.
Her family is cute.
Her hubby is handsome, she's a cutie
She posts gratuitious shots of her husband & other cowboy's tushies!!!
That's really why I check in there b/c there ain't anything like seeing a tushie in jeans & chaps!
Wonder if I could get Bobster to wear jeans & chaps.
Well he already wears the chaps but what we do behind closed doors is our business!

Well it's 10 on a Friday night.
Just got done some life is just full of excitement, no?
So I think I might fart around for a bit & then head to bed.
The thrill of it all!

Woops out!


Awesome Abby

Your music makes me wanna invite you down here to the local club where everyone goes for fun and dancing...Silverados! Next time I'm there, I'll be sure to dedicate a dance to YOU! XOXOXO You should check out my sister's's in to bunches of free stuff right now, too. AND...don't forget that Cheeks is already betrothed!!!!


Hey Megan - where do you find all the freebies at??? I am totally into saving money now and any freebies I could get, (without filling out a 35 minute survey) would be greatly appreciated.