Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Little Houdini

Has figured out how to take the tray off of the high chair.
He will usually do this when the tray has a plate of food on it.
The tray goes CRASH!
The food goes PLOP!
Cheeks looks at me as if to say "How the Hell did that happen???"

So, today, I decided to try him in the booster seat that the woman who works with my mom gave me.

Let's see how he did.
"Mommy! Check this out! I am at the big people table."

"I was thinking, this big people table is pretty nice"
"Mommy, have you seen my new digger fork & spoon that Grandpop got me. They are the fo-schnizzle yo!"
"What do you mean noone uses the word fo-schnizzle anymore?"
"That man out there, the tall one, bald with a beard, you know I call him Daddy, I heard him say fo-schnizzle the other day!"
"Fine! I will let it go & just dig into my lunch here"
"Isn't chicken supposed to taste like chicken? These, not so much, Mommy!"
"I will just put them here, on the floor, for safe keeping"

Well we have success in him in the booster...for now.

Tomorrow could bring a whole new situation but for now, success & that is what I am excited about!!

Woops out!



Good luck! Hope that he loves it. I love his fork and spoon. I need to know where I can get me a set. lol


Love the fork and spoon...Eric would love those since he loves trucks, and anything construction.


I GOTTA KNOW WHERE TO GET THAT FORK AND SPOON!!!!! Spill the beans Pop!! My grandson would absolutely LOVE them!! Meghan the Cheekers is so danged adorable it isn't funny!!