Saturday, September 20, 2008

20 Little Things to Treasure About Autumn

So The Inspired Room is hosting a 20 little things about autumn that you treasure link party.
Let's start:
1. Scarecrows

2. Craft fairs
3. Yankee Candle Harvest scent
4. Leaves changing color
5. Cool nights
6. The scent of fireplaces going
7. Wearing long sleeves (I'm odd, I know)
8. Building haunted houses

9. New tv season!
10. Oranges, reds and browns for decor
11. Acorns
12. Making heartier meals
13. Pumpkins

14. Starbucks Apple Cider
15. My Mr. Coffee Hot Chocolate Maker
16. Not having to put on the a/c
17. Carving pumpkins

18. Flannel sheets
19. Sweaters
20. Gingersnaps!

Ok, your turn.
Let me know your 20 treasures of Autumn.

Woops out!



Love the pic of the gingerbread haunted house! And the picture of the little on with the pumpkin is too cute!

Happy Fall!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room

Oh, no no no, you are not odd at all! I can hardly wait to wear fall clothes. I love the long sleeves, the sweaters...maybe I am too self conscious for summer! LOL!

Loved your list. THANK you for being a part of this. I am having so much fun!!!

Happy fall,



great list and awesome pictures! Isn't fall wonderful?!?!


I haven't made a gingerbread house in so long, I need to do that this year. And I love me some gingersnaps!

suburban prep

Just found your site.
I don't know if I can come up with 20.
1. pumpkin
2. caramel apples
3. Notre dame football games
4. the changing color of the trees
5. wearing some of the sweaters that I have knit
6. hot apple cider
7. the humidity being gone so that my hair is easier to control.
8. the crunch of the leaves underfoot.
9. going to the fall festivals
10. taking warmer showers (when it is hot outside can't handle hot showers).
11. I agree flannel sheets.
12. my Ariat mules (so comfortable)


Thanks for being my only lurker and coming out of hiding to enter my contest!

Fun post!


I love all of your Autumn treasures!! Cute, cute pictures!!!


Love your list. Starbucks does Apple Cider?!?!? I hate living in the UK sometimes ;)

Scarecrows and the new TV season two of my favourites as well and I didn't think of them for my list - DOH!

I'll post pictures of the Apple Fair in October - it's great. Thanks for stopping by my blog x


Fun Haunted house :}
totally fun to read your list-
Happy Fall


Great list! It's been fun to read what comforts everyone this season. Happy Fall!

Laurel Wreath

I love your list, I totally forgot to add Starbuck's Pumpkin Latte to my list. Love your pictures.

The Berry's Patch

I just love those cute pictures of the kids. We haven't done the haunted house yet. It looks a little messy. The kids would love it though. Love your list. Happy Autumn. :-)


i just love autumn....The only thing that freaks me out is Christmas is right around the corner...


Love your list and your cute pictures. Maybe I will have to try one of those haunted houses with my kids.

Brian and Kirsten

Gingersnaps! I didn't even think of that - I'll have to buy some right away! Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog! And I don't think you're terrible for not loving General Conference. I haven't always loved it myself, but I have certainly come to appreciate it and look forward to it now.


I love your list, I posted mine on my blog, my first list. Here it is though.

1. Changing Colors
2. The sweet smell of decaying leaves.
3. The cooler weather.
4. Pumpkin picking.
5. Apple Cider.
6. Fresh Picked Apples.
7. The sound of crunching leaves.
8. My Birthday.
9. Halloween.
10. The start of Hockey Season.
11. Light-weight jackets.
12. Knitting.
13. Mums.
14. Hayrides.
15. Opening up the windows.
16. Apple Crisp.
17. Homemade soup.
18. Spiced Wafers and Pumpkin Dip.
19. Comfy Pajamas and slippers.
20. Planting bulbs for spring.

Enjoy the wonderful colors!


I love your list, especially #'s 2,14,16 &20!! You have a Mr. Coffee hot chocolate maker...OMG, my kids are coming over!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee

I love a good cover-up myself! Fun pics and great list!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee!

I LOVE Starbucks apple cider too! :) And I can't wait to see what you've done with vinyl letters in your house!

Kathleen Ellis

Oh yes! gingersnaps (and molasses cookies)...mmmmm! I didn't know Starbucks has cider! Hmmm...


Ooh, gingersnaps! I totally forgot about those!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


I love the scarecrow-cute! I am hunting for the photos of a scarecrow I made a few years ago. As it gets closer to Halloween I'll post it.

I've never made a gingerbread house but always wanted to give it a try.

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread

The photos of your kids are so cute. I love long sleeves too! Thanks for stopping by to visit me and sharing your favorite things for Autumn! ~Kathy


Love your Autumn list!


Thanks for visiting - your welcome to visit The Gough Inn again any time.. By the way I Love to eat "Gingersnaps" too!