Thursday, September 25, 2008

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

How long I have been waiting to say that phrase??!!!???
Chicken Dinner!
Love it.

Anyway see this:

Isn't it delightful!!! I won it.
Yes, yes, you read that right.
I won it
Jo over @
To A Pretty Life made it & sent it to me.

Well she was having a contest to inspire her for a new saying for a new banner she was doing.
She took my suggestion & someone elses & combined them.
The prize?
A banner with whatever you wanted on it.
I chose Boo.
Can not wait to display it.
I am planning on decorating "officially" for fall this weekend.
Just some tidying up to do first (i.e. remove PSII from downstairs & Steelers banner! LOL)

I also won this:

Sadly, I suck and can not for the life of me remember where I won it.
That's awful isn't it????
I know!

What is it you ask?
It's a Johnny Light.
It lights up the toilet bowl so one can see to pee at night.
Say a toddler learning potty training
A teenage boy with no aim.
Take you pick.

I am so grateful to have won these 2 things & my banner is so cha cha. Go check out To A Pretty Life & tell Jo I sent ya!

Have you won anything lately???
Tell me!!!

Woops out!



WOW, with 3 boys pottery training, I really want one of those Johnny lights!!!

preppy little dress

okay, i was looking at the photo and thought oh, a light for your pumpkins - great, but as i was scrolling down. i thought i was a toliet, but was like - no, looked again, sure enough it was a jonnie light - oh my!!!


How cute!