Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Do you ever feel..............

Like you have one of these following you?
I do.
Today especially.


preppy little dress

great shot!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy

Boy have I ever! Hang in there! Somehow, things always "look better in the morning", which translates to mean, this too shall pass. Time has a way of doing that...just wait it out. : )
I have a quote plaque above a picture of Christ in my home that reads, "Be still and know that I am." I admire your honesty and your being so real.


Oh my, that is one big dark scary cloud!! Those are days I like to just lay in bed with my kids and cuddle. I always feel better after that.

Thanks for visiting my site today. It was great meeting you. I hope we can chat some more. Feel better!



Thanks for stopping by our blog! Oh, and those ghost candles? I painted them myself! I am planning on posting about them soon as a really great art project for kids!! I just used acrylic paint on them, and the greatest part is that if the kids mess up or want to re-do them, you just scratch it off and start over! It's perfect for any holiday. I hope you'll come back soon, I will definitely be back to check in here as well!


If that dark cloud is following WILL get better!!! Count on it!!!


Babe I know where you are coming from with this...That big Black Cloud sneaks up on you when you dont want it to or need it too... But see that beautiful light coming through it...just keep looking at that babe!!! The dark is not so scary if you look at the light!!!


Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Sorry to hear about Bob being out of work :( I know the feeling, WHynot lost his job in the trucking industry about 1 1/2 years ago. It sucks!


Oh hon, I'm sorry you're feeling like that. I have those days too. I wish you were coming with us on Friday night, but I'll save you a goodie bag to cheer you up.


Thank you for stopping by~I'm sorry you are having one of those days...don't we all! But look at the sun behind it~it's coming, I promise :)


Sorry that you are having one of those days. Hope that today is a better one for you.



What an amazing picture! And how easy to relate to how I feel sometimes!