Thursday, September 18, 2008

A little fall inspiration

Ah, Pumpkins!
They inspire me, do they inspire you?
Especially when pumpkins are this freakin adorable.
Really they don't get much cuter!!!!

Fall is kicking into high gear.
I found out about Boo @ the Zoo today. I saw ads for Pumpkin Picking, hayrides & haunted houses.
You can keep the haunted houses.
I don't go through them.
I have actually paid top dollar to do those 3 in 1 type of deals at farms this time of year & skipped the house.
I am a scaredy cat but I am not afraid to admit it.

I was out numbered this evening.
I had the girlies + Cheeks.
Then the missionaries showed up.
My goodness.....I am exhausted.
I survived tho.
Not by much but I will live.

Cheeks is putting more & more words together to form sentences.
His big sentence now is "I get it, I get it" or when he sees 2 binkies he says "Two binkies! Two binkies!" & then laughs maniacally. (Is that how you spell it, I am too lazy to hit spell check). He is also big on giving kisses & hugs now. I love it!

Oh I forgot to mention I joined the GM Psst Advisory group & today I received a full size Progresso Chicken Broth box. I was so excited & they sent like 10 coupons for $1.25 off future purchases.

So tell me what advisory groups do you belong to? Also, I wanna you do Haunted Houses?

Woops out!


preppy little dress

what a cute photo, pumkpin baby - too cute!!

Mom in High Heels

Cutie pie! Would that be a cutie pumpkin pie? ;)
You've been tagged on my blog. Go check it out.


Cute picture!

Julie maloney

Try it's a product testing site, non blog affiliated. you fill out the surveys and they send things based on your response. I got a $250 logitech remote recently. All they want you to do is use what they send, tell people and report back. then they credit you points to redeem at for gift certs. :)

kawaii crafter

if you like receiving free items and coupons you might want to join Mom Select

Often times they will send items to you for reviews and to give away to other moms. I'm a member and have been very pleased with the company.