Tuesday, September 16, 2008

He likes to party all the time, Party all the time, party all the time!!!! (Thanks Eddie Murphy)

Oh wow!
My sister is so going to kill me when she sees I used this pic.
Muhahaha...give my kid clapping hands that light up & make buku noise again will ya????

Anyway, it appeared last night, that Cheeks was feeling better.
So much so that he awoke at 12am (after his 3 hr nap), ready to PAR-TAY!
Party til 4 in the morning.
Good times.
He hung out.
Read some books.
Played with Elmo.
Then, as a final resort, watch the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction.
That puts me to sleep.
Him...not so much.
Finally tho. he had had enough at like 4 so he drifted into a sweet slumber.
Mommy & Daddy know have enough bags under their eyes to travel to Indonesia & back.
Ah, good times.

Thanks for all the tips on saving money at the store.
I will give it all a try.

I am so ready to break out the fall decor.
The weather finally broke, so I am hoping it stays cool.
I should have done it today but was too busy cleaning.
I cleaned my sons room.
I must admit that friggin maid does a horrible job so I had no choice but to do it myself.
I am going to have to have a talk with Consuela in the morning b/c I found some huge dust bunnies!!!!

Now I want some inspiration with what to do with my fall decor.
Have any of you decorated yet?
Can you share some pics or tips or links to your blog?
Don't make me beg, not pretty!

Woops out!



Hi Meghan! I'd share my fall idea with you but I see you've visited me already! Thank you so much for the awesome compliment- I really appreciate it! I might have a few more tricks up my sleeve so come back again.

You must be a saint to stay up with your son until four in the morning- you're stronger than I am, that's for sure!



I remember those years of sleepless nights. Guess it's a trade-off at that age -- either they take a 3 hour nap or they sleep all night. Hang in there!! Sally

Erica M

Thanks for entering my contest!

I'm sorry, I'll see if I can get a blog subscription link up there for folks who may want to subscribe via email. I'm a Google Reader user myself, so I just copy and paste the URL... I didn't even think of those who'd like to have an email subscription!

Julie maloney

I am with ya sister, I'm so ready for jeans. I want fall. I feel like baking a pie. I'm in south carolina where I'm pretty sure I won't see fall until november. *sigh*


Love the picture! I remember them days of staying up late with a child. lol