Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just a babble

Ok, who saw this movie?
Bobster & I watched it last night...I came in after it had been on for like 45 mins or so.
This is really, really good movie!!!

The real reason for my post is, do you ever watch a movie, and the actor is so good at his portrayel of the protaganist that you end up feeling bad for him, even tho. he is technically the bad guy in the movie? This is what happened last night. I felt bad for "Frank". I won't say what happened b/c I don't want to give away anything for anyone who hasn't seen it.
Bobster couldn't believe I felt bad for him.
He's like "He was a drug trafficer"
Well, he was but he still has feelings.
I am a sap, I know. Or pathetic, not sure which.

I made a yummy Chicken Parm last night from the Cooking Healthy Meals for Kids cookbook I got.
It turned out good & it was EASY!
If anyone would like me to post the recipe let me know.
It literally took 15 minutes.
And it's HEALTHY!

Seriously, let me know if you have ever felt bad for the protaganist?
I want to see if I am the only one.

BTW~This is my 400th Blog Post. WoW!

Woops out!


CouponCraze Mom

I would for you to post this recipe, sounds yummy....

The City Sage

Congrats on your 400th! That's amazing...hope I'm still going strong after that many!

And yes, I totally get what you're saying about feeling for the bad guy. Characters that come to mind are Vic and Shane on "The Shield"---an amazing show to watch from the beginning if you never have---and also Dr. Alex Careve on Grey's Anatomy (the tortured-soul villain is especially appealing!).


Congrats on 400 posts! Hmm bad guys I feel sorry for, drawing a complete blank here. Ben from LOST for a little while, but not anymore.

Small Green Corner

Hi Meghan

Had a good time looking at your blog. Thanks for popping over to mine to see the autumn list. Wasnt that fun?
Best wishes
Jane at Small Green Corner


this movie was great. i felt bad for frank too...and his poor mother. how did she ever cope? frank lost his whole family and his wife...


I'll have to check out that movie, I'm always looking for a good one. Wow, 400th post, that's crazy. I wonder if I'll be worn out with this blogging thing by then :) Love your vinyl lettering below, it looks great!

Blissful Nikki

wow! happy 400!!!!!! that awesome! :) I would love the recipe for the chicken always looking for more healthy recipes that my daughter will eat! :)