Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Can you stand it!!!!!???

Cheeks is as surprised as I am.
Holy Moly!
I had over 140 visitors to my blog yesterday!!!!

Now if I could just keep that pace up on a regular basis.
Tee hee.

I think it is because I posted to all my scrap groups to come see what I did over the weekend.
So thank you to all the readers who came yesterday.
Hopefully you come back to visit often.

So, I cooked & baked over the weekend.
Sorry Jacquie.
Couldn't help it.
I had 6 screaming kids to cook for.
What did I make you ask?

Well I made my famous pork chops.
This is all you do.
EZ Peasy really.
Season both sides of a boneless pork chop w/ garlic salt, chili powder & pepper.
Briol for approx 5 mins each side or until the juices run clear....we don't want salmonella poisioning!!!
Then brush with bbq sauce & pop back in the broiler for a minute each side.
Very tasty.
So tasty in fact, that my nephew, bowed to me!!!

I also made Monkey Bread.
Will post that recipe later.
I must go wake Cheeks up b/c I have to leave for work in a few.

Woops out!


Miss Mommy

Mmmm...I love Monkey Bread!!! I have not had it in so long....but now that you got me thinking about it........


Yummy monkey bread. Thanks for your comment. That was so nice.

preppy little dress

that's awesome! my highest to date is 121 visitors! great site, i love your web design!

Pat@Back Porch Musings

I used to make monkey bread quite a bit. The family loves it. I should get busy and make some since cooler weather is making me want to bake.

Thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch. I loved your comment. I well remember those days of plastic plates and tater tots. Oh, that was last week with the G'kids LOL!

Hope you visit the back porch again, soo.


Um...WHO'S famous pork chops? That would be MINE! and I got the recipe from Sandra Lee! WHy do you have to steal it!? Bitch!

Carol VR

Monkey bread...is that the pull apart bread with cinnamon???