Monday, September 15, 2008

A Post in the Middle of the Day ~ Can't Be

Yes it is I.
At 2 in the afternoon, posting, from home.
Well someone woke up with a fever, runny nose & found out at the doctor, an infected throat.
Poor baby.
Cheekers is down for the count right now.
Sleeping it off hopefully.

As you can see by the above photos some states were hit but Ike.
My house was hit by Hurricane Cheeks.
He likes to express himself with his decorating skills.
Just keeping it real folks, just keeping it real.

So, I am coming to ask the blogging community for some tips.
Tips on how to slash my grocery budget.
I have been cooking at home more & I use coupons.
I take my lunch to work & send snax & lunch with Cheeks for daycare.
I need to know how to get my bill to the lowest it can be.
$175 isn't bad after not going for 4 weeks.
Remember, it's me, Bobster, & 3 boys.
So give me some tips.
How do you do it?

Woops out!

P.S. Do you Twitter? I am new at it, so please come look me up...mkw70.



It's so hard to have a sick one. The only good thing is that they will snuggle with you. My biggest tip for the grocery bill is make a list. I'm not good at coupon cutting or watching for sales, but deciding what meals to make each week and making a list has helped us alot.


Do you have an Aldi's in your area? I have been getting alot there lately. Super cheap. And the quality is very good. They are the same company that owns Trader Joe's. Look up their website. I look forward to hearing what others have to say too. Always looking to save on groceries!

Amy from Texas

Hope your baby gets well soon. I wish I had advice on the grocery thing. I am bad about just buying stuff and not sticking to my budget. I tried the Grocery Game, but that didn't work for me. I would buy things just because I had a coupon for it and I really didn't need it. Hope you get some better advice from other people, I'm good for nothing today:-)


Justin was home with the same thing yesterday. Back to school, back to germs. My tip for your groceries would be that I buy almost everything, except for meats at either target or walmart. I have also been going to the dollar store near my office to get snacks for lunches, fruity water (2/99 cents), I check the sale papers each week and see who has the best deals on meat and to to that store.

Miss Mommy

Hey Megs....Sorry about Cheekd not feeling well :-( I always feel so bad when the kiddies get sick.

To save on groceries.....My best advice is to shop WEEKLY. Yes, I know it stinks...but you need to go every week and stock up on the loss leaders (as they refer to them). Also make a list and stick to it!! Also pre plan your meals around what is on sale that particular week. Oh and know your prices!!! Just because it is in the ad, does NOT mean that it is on sale!!!

Here to happy grocery savings :-)


Aww... hope that he feels soon. As far grocery shopping... Hmm... watch the circulars if you have them and make a list, which you will check it twice. rofl Sorry could not resist.


here are some ideas from the nana. the list is a good tip. this one you wont like. dont buy snacks. ethan is happy with fruit and or cheese. healthy stuff is good. doritos beer pretzels ice cream cookies are not necessary food items. too bad if the kids dont have snacks when they come over. maybe they'll actually eat whats on the table. it's not necessary to have steak no matter how much one may like it. ground beef is ok. dont buy processed foods. no instant potatoes things like that.... you know what to do meg just do it!!! nana

Sheena @ Mommy Daddy Blog


Girl, you need to give US some tips! You, hubby + THREE, I repeat THREE boys!?!?

Get well Cheeks! I can see our living room looking like that some day!


Wow, that looks like my house when my little guy gets going sometimes! I hope he feels better soon.

Have you checked out Money Saving Mom? There's a lot of good stuff online... let me know what you find, I'm always looking to lower my budget too!

Julie maloney

Well, I consider myself a professional grocery shopper. I'm actually going to be in parent mag in october (shameless plug. Instead of me leaving a 3 page detailed note, I'l going to direct you to my site where I already wrote a little blog about it :)