Thursday, May 14, 2009

Confessions of a 5 Star Mommy

Let's fess up Mommy.
I think it's time.

I try to be a 5 star mommy.
I try to be mommy of the year
I just let it go.
I let the aspirations of not letting my son watch Jurassic Park b/c I think he may get scared & turn it on b/c I am trying to tune out the incessants pleas of "Dinosaur! Dinosaur!".

When my precious Cheeks is screaming bloody murder that he wants yet another treat....I sometimes give in & he gets an additional ice cream bar. I know I am probably setting him up for a future spot on "The Biggest Loser" but really, mom & dad aren't any lightweights so he's doomed :>)

Did I let him eat pretzels, marshmallows & M&M's for dinner this Saturday night? Um, yes. Did I feel guilty? Sure.
Did the guilt go away rather quickly? You bet your sweet bippy.

I also thought I would have pangs of longing to see my baby in his crib when we switched him to a big boy bed the other night.
I didn't have them, if anything I was proud of him for being a big boy, staying in his new bed & not crying for his "tag".

Have I ever felt like not giving him a bath & instead just quickly wiped him down & put him to bed? Yes.

Have I also used his own shirt to wipe his runny nose? Guilty. Don't judge, someone, somewhere has done the same thing.

Do I let him get away with stuff that I would frown at other parents for?
Yes but sometimes it's not worth the fight.

I have also been known to put Cheeks to bed a "tad" early so mommy can have some "me" time. I know, I should be in mommy prison but the orange uniform just clashes with my fair skin.

So tell me mommies out there....what are your confessions?

Woops out!


Christie so guilty! Nice to read im not alone!!


You should read the Not Me Mondays posts. It's where hundreds of moms blog about what we "didn't" do the last week.

my post is here

And don't feel bad about not giving your kid a bath. Mine are lucky to get 3 a week. And my oldest gets quiet time in her room to read before bedtime so i can start my quiet time earlier.