Monday, May 18, 2009

How to keep him busy

I present "Marshmallow Pick Up"
I got the idea from
No Time for Flashcards.
Have you visited this blog?
If you have a preschool/toddler, you must visit it! She has the best ideas.
This is a version of her Moon Rock pickup.
I called it "Marshmallow Pick Up" b/c I didn't have the book that should be read with it.

The idea is to use a toothpick & pick up the "rocks" or marshmallows & place them in the other bowl.

Helps fine tune their motor skills.

As you can plainly see, when the marshmallows wouldn't easily go on the tooth pick, Cheeks just placed them on there with his fingers.

So intent.

Check out that concentration.

Looks like he's making shish ka bob, doesn't it?


Made Shish Ka Bob.

That's ok.

With this activity you have to figure you are going to "lose" some to hunger!So what are you doing with your toddler/preschooler to keep him busy???

Tell me!

I could always use ideas.

Woops out!


Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

Darling idea Meghan! Dalton loved playing with Cherrios too. He'd stack them on the toothpicks and on each other.

I also let him play with glue (Elmers) and pasta, or pasta and string so he could make necklaces. (Yes when he was Cheeks age...) It was messy but that's half the fun!


Lego blocks, they are a Mom's best friend, really any kind of block is the best in this house. Of course there's cars but you already know that.

Eli's Lids

Awesome. I also took a look at no time for flash cards. Such a great find. Thanks!