Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's Time for a little shopping!

My fab past time!
This time I am looking for something stylish yet durable for life w/ 3 boys and one Bobster.
I found this great site
Now you will notice there is a uk in the worries luv!
They have an American site.

Check out chicky baby up there with the Cosmo or Martini (I'm not a drinker so I have no idea). Check this out here: Outdoor Bean Bags

Doesn't her bean bag look ab-fab????? I could use this to lounge one & the boys could use it to dive bomb each other. See that's a win win situation! Plus, it made for know what that equals? Durability!

Of course check out that bean bag chair up there.

Like a chaise. Go see the bigger pic here: Evolution Can't you just picture me, after a hard day of work, lying in that. Of course in my cocktail dress & high heels because as a 6ft tall woman with a weight problem that's what I wear around house! LOL

Now, of course, we can't overlook the Fiorenze21 model. Comes in leather (cleanable!) & with a stool so when you are relaxing, one of your kids can sit on the stool & say "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom" til you lovingly answer him with "WHAT!!??!!"

I digress.
This post is about shopping for luxourios bean bags!
So get check out the website.
Even if it's just for dreaming about what might be.
That's what I did!

Woops out!


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