Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday we spent it lowkey.

Sunday we decided to take ChrisBob to Joe's Crab Shack. He is addicted to crabs. Do you have one by you? If so....RUN!

It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy.

I got Coconut Shrimp w/ a Pineapple Plum Sauce. WoW! I could have just ate the sauce alone & been happy. Bobster & Chris got steam pots full of crab legs & Bobster's had crawfish in them. While I have always wanted to try the little buggers I can not because they can see me coming after them. I will not eat anything w/ eyes & tentacles still attached. Ick! Cheeks opted for a burger. I tried to give him some shrimp but he was like "Eh, no."

The place is very kitchsy but fun. Your forks & knives come out in a metal bucket while a roll of paper towels sits in another one. I like the papertowel aspect b/c you can use as many as you like.

All of us really liked it! So 2 thumbs up from this family. We will be back.

Today we have attempted potty training w/ Cheeks. He got the hang of it but first he had to poop all over the floor & his shoes. I was still finding poop 20 minutes later b/c he had walked in it. Yuck!

We also spent one on one time w/ ChrisBob playing scrabble. I think he needed it. He had a good time & well, he kicked my tushie in the game. :>)

The pool has opened across from my house. So now, I have no where to park & I have a 2yo who sees the water & goes:

"Water, mom! I take my shirt off...let's go"

So I will probably take him next weekend. Just have to get a bathing suit.

Shield your eyes people because between my thighs that jiggle like jell-o & my transparent skin I am a sight to be seen. Let's hope the cute 2yo next to me takes the heat off me.

Well, what did you do this weekend?

Woops out!


Tara O

LOL at the little one and the water. I'd rather give BIRTH than potty train...yep I am serious. No, I am NOT exaggerating. It sucks. I hope your little guy is easier than my kids. Bleh.

We went for a walk today and checked out some of the local German restaurants. There's a Pink steakhouse that is supposed to have steaks to die for...we'll try it out sometime...just the two of us because the plates are 13 EURO each...that's ahem....almost $18 each