Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why do you blog?

Why do you do it?
Why do you write what you do?
Record what you do?

I started to blog just for the heck of it.
Then I realized I could use it as a diary (I am slow like that!)
I also use my blog to show off my scrapbook layouts (I think I've done one this year ~ I don't want to over do
I share my opinion.
I share occasional good deals, freebies, activities, other blogs I enjoy.

My blog is like my corner of the world.
I know some of my relatives besides the Nana & the Grandpop read it (shout out to my faithful Aunt Patty! Holla!).
I know occasionally friends read it.

I really just blog cause I like it.
Once a long time ago someone told me I had diarrhea of the mouth.
Really, Bobster & I can talk the balls off a pool table
My blog is my "talking" outlet & I feel as if I get what I want to say out & if you want to read, you can, if you don't then you go about your business.

So tell me, readers, why do you blog, if you blog?

Woops out!



Hi- for many of the same reasons you've said. I feel I have a lot to say and not many outlets ( read: I talk too much lol)Play is something I'm passionate about as it's changing right before our eyes and many of us haven't stopped to figure out the meaning of this because we're just busy being parents of little ones. I get it. Parenting is busy.
Just like a calendar reminds you of important things and allows you to plan I blog to make sure play is on my calender and type of play I want.....mostly.

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

I blog for many of the same reasons. Sometimes I get something on my heart that I absolutely have to get out. Sometimes I've just got something I wanna say. I do share my projects on the blog and my sketches too. Mostly it's for me. I love that other's share it. I love that I have a few readers. I love being a part of the groups I'm a part of that I can safely say I love reading my blog because I think if you all as a family of sorts. I think blogging and reading the blogs of my friends as a way of keeping up with my family across the world.

So hey sistah! Keep on "bloggin'!"

Peace and blessings,


I blog for the same reasons that you mentioned. Years from now I can look back at the past post and see what was going on in our lives. People around the world can stop in a have a pek in to our little world if you really would like to.I can share my scrapbook pages, say what I want and not have to worry about people getting bored or really not wanting to hear what I have to have. Yes, there is people that I know, that does not want to what I have to say. Because it might be the truth or not important to them. lol I don't blog alot, but I still like to do it.


meghan look at he looks like a pop up demon in a scary book....gotta love him...that kid is a


Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog. You win comment of the day! Made me laugh! Oh yeah...why do I blog? Ummm...'cause I kept copying ideas from other people that I thought I should start posting in hopes to give back to the blogging world. :)


I talk alot in the talking world. Sometimes, well all the time, people say how loud and talkative I am. And here I talk with words and it doesn't matter if anyone is listening I am getting it out. I agree with you, it is like a diary. I love it!


I've been thinking a whole lot about this lately as I keep struggling to get my blogging "perfect" - an unrealistic goal I think... I'll be posting a more in depth answer soon! ^-^

Eli's Lids

I started blogging just to market my business (Eli's Lids) but after a couple of months I really fell in love with the community.
I blog because I can share thoughts, ideas, encouragment with other women in all stages of life.
I love it!
And my Lids are pretty cool too!
The red shirt Eli is wearing is one of my prototypes for Eli's Lids shirts. We don't sell that one but one similar is:

Aunt Patty

Hey Meghan, thanks for the shout out!!! Love your blog-it's the first thing I check when I get on my computer!