Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Did you watch John & Kate Plus 8 last night?
I did.
I watched the whole marathon.
Well I just love the one kid, Aaden.
Such a cutie with those glasses.
I also watched because I have enjoyed the show since it's debut.
I won't sugar coat it I also watched because I have read about their recent troubles and I wanted to see what was going on.

I am happy that John took blame.
His actions were wrong.
That's where I stop with my opinion.
It is not for me to judge what he did or why he did it.
The same for Kate.
I can't judge her.
I think she's a good mom.
I think she is doing what she needs to do to give her children everything she can.
She is providing for them.
I am sure she makes more $$$ doing what she is doing now then when she was a nurse.

After watching the show last night, I felt horrible for Kate and John.
More so for Kate.
Kate loves her husband.
That's what I saw.
When the producer asked them both what the future held, Kate answered that she was in it wholeheartedly. Which I took to mean she wanted to work it out with John.
John answered he was there for his kids.
My heart sank for her.

Unless you have been divorced or widowed, I don't think you can understand the pain of going through something like that.
*disclaimer...this is my blog & my opinion, not fact*
Even tho. I was divorced in 2005 the pain of knowing my exhusband wasn't happy and no longer in love with me still hurts.
I can't explain the hurt.
It just feels like a pit in your stomach that never goes away.
A constant urge to cry.

Am I glad he did it?
I met Bobster & have 3 great kids & lots of love!!!
But that's how I felt last night after John made that statement.

Like a giant pit in my stomach.

Do I feel bad for him?
He has decided he doesn't like being in the public eye.
Unfortunately, he can't turn back time.
When he asked his daughter if she missed him, I felt bad for her.
She doesn't know what is going on (and she shouldn't).
Sadly, she will be able to find out & see it all when she is able to google.
But like John said he hopes his children can believe he & Kate because they have always been honest with them.

I hope they work it out.
Kate looked sad sitting there
she held it together.
More than I can say for myself.
I would have been a wreck....wait, when my ex told me it was over, I was a wreck.
Do I know how she's feeling?
Perhaps a little bit.
It's hard
I feel she is just trying to provide a life for her kids that will provide them with the best.
Heck, I try that everyday for my kids.
I want mine to have better than I did.
That's what parents want for their babies, at least in my opinion.

So now that I have rambled aimlessly, tell me, did you watch?
What do you think?

Woops out!



well said. i havent seen it, but have seen the reports on it, and its just such a sad situation for those involved.


I didn't watch, instead I chose to freeze my ass off at a Cub game, should have watched jJon and Kate, Cubs lost :(

I'll be back to read the comments and I'll be reading Jon and Kate posts this monring. Breaking up is never a good thing, I'd hate to learn this is all for publicity.


I feel so bad for them and how the stress of 8 kids, a tv show and everything else, has given them so much stress that it would hurt their marriage. Obviously they went into this willingly and have been paid enough that they are no longer struggling to get by, but it's just ashame that this is the price they are paying for it all now. And like you said, you can't go back in time.

I think they did a great job of facing the issues without bringing it all out there and still were able to keep most of their issues to themselves. They didn't go into details and they didn't belittle each other or place blame. They needed to address the issues in some way since it is a reality tv show, but they did it in a way to still maintain some of their privacy. Which is good for them and it's great for their kids.

Christy Lee

I agree...I'm a child of 3 divorces. I really like your blog, I'll be back again to say hello!

Christy Lee
*~Petals and Pine~*

Noah's Mommy

It was hard to watch...I totally think he's not in it anymore...which is so sad...I wish them the best...

Sara Bonds

I have to say, I am on the other end. I feel really the exact opposite. That is ok, though. I respect your opinion. I hope you don't mind mine.

I have researched A LOT, and that is why I posted how I did at my blog yesterday. I have watched their story since before season 1, when they just had their mini special. So, I have seen the changes and kept up with research. I am not normally a judging person, but when they are in the public eye and there are children involved, it makes it hard for me not to judge.

Connie Weiss

I watched it and I agree that Jon seems to have checked out. It is obvious from his body language and his words that he doesn't want to be there anymore.

I thought Kate seemed happier at the party and I thought it was probably because she doesn't have to deal with Jon as much. It was like he was a guest at the birthday party.

I have always been and will remain...Team Kate!


I am with you. It made my stomach hurt. I went through the same thing (not the 8 kids), but the husband not being "in it" any more. I feel like they are people that I know and it just makes me sad. Being a mom of twins, people with multiples fascinate me and I have watched them from the beginning. They started out as a beautiful family and now they seem to be so "Hollywoodish". They just renewed their vows last year. Just sad...

Renée aka Mekhismom

I only watched the last show and I think they are both accountable. I don't know the details of their problems but based on both of their admissions it seems that they both have work to do individually and as a couple.

Eli's Lids

We don't have cable so I don't watch the show. I'll have to google to see what happened :)


First off, I love that you don't pass judgment on either one of them, it's not our place. I think any problems having to be dealt with personally are difficult enough to do int he privacy of your own home let alone in the public eye like they have to do. I get tired of people saying how much of a shrew Kate is, Jon married her 10 years ago, he knew what type of woman she was and what the dynamics of their relationship were, we as a public don't have a say in how they run their relationship. I just hope that they keep all those children's interests in mind no matter what their decision is.

It broke my heart too to see Kate tearing up and Jon being very distant.

Amy : )

it was probably the most hardest things i have watched on tv. i neer would have imagined that coming from one of my favorite shows! i love their family to death and it killed me to see how they acted around each other. i wish the best to them,

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

I hadn't seen the show before--just little bits and pieces--but wanted to see what everyone was talking about last night. Man, was that sad! I had to fast-forward through a few parts because it was too much for me to take. I agree with what you said--she seemed willing to still work at it, but he has clearly checked out. All that talk about how the kids will be okay, and how he and Kate have to "work out the details" behind closed doors didn't sound too promising to me.


i'm not sure i'ts not a publicity stunt... the camera can make anything look real. it's it's true then i'm sorry for the whole mess. been there done that with the cheating husband.. not meghan's father..the second husband...


I don't watch this show or any of these shows, just not my cup of tea, but I thought you might be interested in reading this:

(CBS) The eight children of Jon and Kate Gosselin are being exploited and viewed as commodities, all in the name of ratings, Kate's brother and sister-in-law charged on The Early Show Wednesday.



I haven't really followed along - I gave up trying to watch because she was always so snitty towards her husband, insulting him and rolling her eyes. I couldn't stand watching her being so rude - PUBLICLY.
That said, I have no idea what is going on in their lives, but hopefully they can work it out. It's sad to think of all those kids in an unhappy home.


Hello, haven't ever read your blog before but this is my first time commenting.

Here is my take on this j&k thing:
1. j&k both need to work on things together out of the public eye.
2. those kids deserve to have people in their lives that truely care about them, does kate really need to have the kids in top of the line clothing? nope, she doesn't.
3. i think the fame & money came a bit too fast for them, it has taken over their lives completely. when kate was talking about her career and her family is her career it made me feel like showing her kids off is the career.
4. i don't care if someone cheated or not but two adults should never talk to each other the way those two talked with each other. kate was a horrible person to be yelling at jon like that.
and 5. those kids need to be out of the spot light for a while, let them be kids for once.