Saturday, May 02, 2009


I haven't had to give a PSA or Public Service Announcement in some time.
The time has come for our May PSA.
This is a severe phenomanon that is sweeping the country.
What is it?
What could it be?
Well readers it is the over plucked, slicked down hair, big earrings with your name on them & possibly a tattoo in script on your neck look.
Younger & younger girls are opting for this look.
Exhibit A:
This is not a good look.
One needs their eyebrows.
And possibly a tan if they are of the lighter persuasion.
Exhibit B:

Now do not get me wrong.

I do not think one should grow Oscar the Grouch or Bert eyebrows either.

A happy medium must be reached.

As for earrings, well when you are 50 & your lobes hang down to your nipples from the weight of these earrings, that is your decision. As for putting your name on them, I assume this in case you forget your name, you can just rip one off & go "Oh yea, I'm Bethany".

Ladies this is not, I repeat, not a good look. The overplucked eyebrows gives you a look of permanent surprise. Sure it's cheaper than Botox to achieve said look but do you want to look surprised when you are say, at work, a wedding or a funeral?

As for the neck tattoo, I just don't get it. Tattoos are great but on the neck? Not so much.

So please overpluckers, big earring wearing, tattooed neck women of America consider this trend to be passe & grow you eyebrows back, switch to little studs and skip the neck tattoo & say get a really cute tattoo on the arch of your foot.

This is just my opinion. I will still love you all if you look like this.

Woops out!



Nice to see the big earrings of the 80s are making a comeback -- NOT! Love the blog!

~ Jennifer
(From Homemakers group)


amen sista