Sunday, May 03, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

What did we do?
What did we do?
Well Friday I took a half day at work & my sister in law & I loaded the kids in the mini van & headed to Sesame Place.
My sil is a passport member so she got us in for free.
Part of their preview for the 2009 season.
What a blast!

Of course, here is the star of the whole show.
You all thought it was Big Bird.
Not for the 2 yo set.
Elmo is the whole kit & kaboodle.
Cheeks almost jumped out of his stroller trying to point & tell me Elmo was on his way in the parade.

Here is Cheeks & Rebecca.
They look a bit wet.
Because it poured like a mo~fo the entire time we were there.
We perserved tho!
Rita bought us all ponchos which helped keep the rain off.
I will not subject you to seeing a pic of me in why because I may be harpooned if the pic gets out.
Not pretty!

They have a really cool toddler area.
Cheeks fell in love with it.
He did take a header off the end of the slide but he was ok.
The poor kid who was manning the play area was a nervous wreck & asked if he should call someone.
This kid is going to need a Zanex by the end of the season b/c I think every 2yo must fall at least 10x's a day.
I told the kid Cheeks was ok & he was. Cried for 20 seconds, I rubbed his belly & he went off to another slide.

There are a ton more pics.
I will share with you all at other times.
Must keep you on your toes.

Today my aunt & uncle from Texas came in.
So the fam got together for dinner at my Aunt Patty's house.
Shout out!
It was nice.

To make the day even more nice, Bobster made me breakfast, then did the laundry, then kept the kids busy so I could take a 2 hour nap.
I thought I was dying at first
Then he told me no he was just going to kill me but thought he would make my last day special.
He's a keeper, no?

So how as your weekend?

Woops out!



It looks like you guys had a great time and didn't let a little rain spoil the fun. I remember taking my little girl to Sesame Place and gosh, that would have to be like 19 years ago or so. And am I wrong or did you recently "bling up" your blog?


Sounds like you had lots of fun! ^-^


Looks like you all had a great time!