Sunday, June 21, 2009

And we have had our 1st "sting" of the summer season

Cheeks has had his 1st be sting.
Poor kid.
He thought he was cupping his hands to pick up a lady bug....."note to self.....remind Cheeks lady bugs are red & black...not black & yellow".

He had leaned down to, what I thought, was pick a flower.
I saw him cup his hand & then I saw a small black bug fly away.
He looked like he had been slapped in the face, turned to me, grabbed his wrist & said "AAAH, Ladybug!!!!"
So I told him I thought he got stung & we headed back to the Nana's b/c we were on foot & her house was closer.

So Nana hightailed it to the store to get some liquid Benadryl, while I called poison control b/c I never had to deal with a bee sting before.
PopPop Bob manned the fort by holding ice on Cheeks hand...he got stung btwn the thumb & his forefinger.
Cheeks cried for maybe 25 seconds & then he was over it.

Poison control said to sprinkle meat tenderizer or baking soda on it. It takes the sting out.
They also said to just keep an eye on him for 30 mins & if he was to have a reaction it would happen in that time frame.

Well, thankfully, nothing came out of it except he now has his 1st bee sting.
Poor kid.
He's really keeping me on my toes b/c earlier he fell & scrapped his knee & elbows.

So, um, how are your kids bringing in the summer season?




my KID is bringing in the season by trying to steal my mcintosh candle. .... what do you think of that everybody ?? hmmmmm???