Sunday, June 28, 2009


I so just spaved!
Doesn't look like a lot
Let me tell you about my quick trip to Shop Rite. (which I tried to link but I keep get an error message)

Anywho, I ran over there while Cheeks is down for his nap.
Luvs was on sale for $6.49 ~ and with someone not interested in potty training we needed them.

I also picked up the Sunlight for .77cents.

I agreed to review the Bagelfuls for Blissfully Domestic so I had a free coupon (review to follow soon) and I also had a coupon for free M&M's from the chocolate promo that is currently going on (they are not in the photo......I can't be held responsible for my lack of restraint when it comes to chocolate!).

Next the Juicy Juice Immune Juice is new & ShopRite had spit out 2 coupons for me to use on my next trip. One for $1 off & the other was a B1G1. Well, they were on sale for 2/$ I got one free & one for $ essence .75 cents each...HELLO! Total spave!

I also had $1 off Perdue Chicken nuggets & ShopRite carries them for $3.99 so in the end I paid $2.99.

The Poise Pads were another freebie thanks for Catalina @ Shop Rite.

My total before coupons $23.22.
After coupons $11.85.
Go me!
Would have been less but the cashier didn't take off my .5 cents for my canvas bag.
O well.

How have you spaved this weekend?


Preppy Little Dress

That's awesome! FYI...I started another blog around savings - check it out:

Who doesn't love a great deal!

:) - preppy little dress

Miss Mommy

Great Trip Meg!!! You did very well in the savings department today girl!!