Saturday, June 06, 2009

How to get some quiet time for yourself?

Tire their tushies out!

Somehow my quiet Saturday night went from one child to three.
No biggie.
I fed them pasta.
Ice cream sandwiches
Headed to the local playground for 2 hrs.

I went at about 7 so it wasn't hot.
It was crowded as heck & trying to watch 3 children while they run like uncaged monkeys is near impossible
I told the girls they always had to be able to see me & I be able to see them
We had no problems.
They were all so good.
Sure Cheeks took off on me
I had to chase him
Which means I had to run.
Right there, not pretty but I did it.
Needed oxygen but no big deal.

We came home.
They all had a drink (vodka, helps them sleep!)
Then I read them a bed time story or two
Lights out!

Haven't heard a peep since.
How I love thee!

What did you do today?



Noah's Mommy

yeah for wearing them out....yippee...and i'm so jealous you know the legendary BITS...I love his stories...