Friday, June 19, 2009

J+K soon to be J-K......

or so the rumor has it.

From the buzz on the internet, radio & tv, Jon & Kate are going to have an "announcement" on Monday's show that will affect everyone.
The announcement is touted as being the big "D"...divorce.

If this is true or not, no one will know until Monday.
I hope it is not.
I hope they can work it out.

With everyone turning to Kate for spanking Leah, she is on the hot seat right now.
Do I agree with her spanking Leah?
Hells yea.
She misbehaved after repeatedly being asked by her mom to stop blowing the whistle.
Kate didn't grab a bat & beat her.
She spanked her.
I was spanked.
I turned out ok....well the occasional tick pops up but what can u do.
Do I think Kate needs more media attention?
Do the kids?
Does Jon?

Leave them alone in this.
Divorce is hard enough.
I can't imagine going through one with a child, let alone 8.

Of course, the media will put their own spin on their "impending announcement of the big D" & if they do divorce, the media will be all over them like cream in a Twinkie.
I haven't really caught the show since it's premiere over Memorial Day weekend.
Not because I haven't wanted to watch, I just love that Colin, but because I forget it's on.
Would I watch if they focused on their
It's a private matter.
One that unless you are part of the couple going thru it, you don't know how it feels.

For me, if felt like a kick in the stomach.
I still think if I piss off Bobster, he will just leave.
Up & go.
Never look back.
Those are my own issues that I have to work thru (thank God for antidepressents!!)

Now kids are involved.
Already one of the sextuplets told her daddy she missed him when he had to work.
Little ones don't understand.
That's what is the saddest.

So perhaps we should just let them deal with their issues privately....even if one is rumored to want it out there.
I like Kate.
I think she's a good mom.
I like John....I think he has poor judgement but nothing has been "proven" yet that he cheated.
I hope they stay together
It is what it is.

What do you all think?




i think my time and thoughts are too valuable to waste on these people. they took a situation as precious as the birth of their children and made it into a media circus. personally i just dont give a rats rear end about any of them. the kids will be well taken care of no matter what. there's enough money now due to their greed that can pay for the childrens therapy... dont be mad at me meg you asked what i thought....MOM

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

I think when people who have decided to make reality television choose to do so, they have to know every single move they make is public. They have to have an absolute security in who they are and where they are going and be able to accept what is going to happen in their lives. If they say they didn't understand, they're foolish. All we have to do is look at Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and others, even the less Papparazzi'd folks, to know that every single move they make is going to be recorded. It's that way simply because that's the photographer's livelihood just like the reality show they're making is theirs.

Divorce is horrid. It kills so much inside you and inside children. People who think otherwise are stupid with capital letters. I don't care how well adjusted the kids might eventually turn out, there is still fear inside them of one thing or another. Fear of rejection, of loss, of giving away something that the parent who left gave them, fear of not ever being good enough to marry for life, fear of never finding someone to marry, ... The list goes on and on. And it doesn't matter how young the kids are (with the exception of infancy), there are issues regardless.

I think this is such a sad situation. I loved the show. I thought they were a lovely couple and a lovely family. I also think when Jon said it was getting to be too much, Kate should have listened. I think if they're going to do this, it should be private and not displayed for everyone in television to watch. It makes me so sad... I'm sorry for them all.



I don't know about the likelihood of divorce, at this point it may or may not be the big announcement. I'm almost hoping they announce this will be their last season. I think they all need a break from being in the limelight.