Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PSA: Remember the Mute Button

*Disclaimer: all names have been changed to protect the innocent*

If you are expecting a call from a business it is a good idea to either just turn your phone off so it goes direct to voice mail or perhaps hit the mute button for a moment while you finish what you were talking about so you can take the phone call.

Exhibit A.

Meghanina works in an industry where she must call certain clients back.
So Meghanina must call Jim.

Dials the phone, Jim picks up, Meghanina introduces herself.

Jim says "Can you hold for a minute?"
Meghanina "Sure"

At this point, she thinks he has hit the mute button.
Sadly for Jim he has not.
Hence the following:

Jim "So, um, I can just put it right on my member?"
Voice in background "No Jim, I don't recommend that you put alcohol on your member, just apply the cream that I have prescribed & come see us in a week so we can see if it's cleared up"
Jim: "Ok, just the cream. Thanx."

Little silence, phone shuffling, then Jim announces to Meghanina that he is back on the phone & what can he do for her.

Meghanina's first thought is to have not do anything to her for fear of contracting something that only pencillen will get rid of.

With grace & dignity Meghanina finishes her phone conversation with the infected Jim & hangs up. She proceeds to share this news with her department who all go "OMG!" & can't believe it.

So faithful readers, if you are in a situation like Jim, remember to double check that mute button!

Now tell me, any embarrasing moments like that ever happen to you?