Monday, June 15, 2009

Vampires are all the rage, so donate today.

Since Vampires are the big deal now (Hello...Team Edward here!!), I decided I would beat them to their own game.

This past Friday my work had the
Red Cross bus come to the parking lot & those of us who signed up let the vampires suck us dry.

Last time I tried to donate I had low iron. This time I past the iron test with flying colors (13.4) & my blood pressure was good (104/62) so I was given the a-ok to give. I managed to fill my bag in 6 minutes flat. I am a good bleeder!

They ask some crazy questions before you can give. My favorite is "Are you still a woman?" Well when I put my bra on that morning I was, but God knows what happen on the way to work.

My real question to my faithful readers is:
Have you given blood lately?
When was the last time?
Are you a regular donator?
Let me know!




I used to give blood regularly (every 56 days), but then started having problems with anemia and having to wait 2 hours before getting up without starting to black out; so I haven't gone in years. My dad has a rare blood type and he goes often - well, went, when he was feeling better than he does now.

Felicia McB

I'm a fairly regular donater,(and have been since high school- aside from when I was preggers)they stalk me if I don't, lol. I try to make sure I go in every couple of months, I'm O neg, and I'm also eligible for neonatal donation, so I'm universal *hence the stalking- emails,calls, I'm serious*.Anyway, I donated a couple of weeks ago, and can go back again after the 31st of July.