Saturday, January 26, 2008

1st Layout of '08

Finally started scrapping for the new year.
Sorry for the horrible scanner wouldn't cooperate. Maybe it's time for a new one...I got it as a gift in 2002 & it has been thru. the ringer.

Anyway I did this layout for a challenge at (you can see the link over there ~~~~~~>) & for a challenge at (link over there ~~~~~~>).

I don't think I was blessed til Cheeks came into my life. He had me laughing so hard today. Some of the whacky stuff he does. He laid on me & sat with me on the couch for a long time today. I just got to cuddle with my baby. Usually his 17 mos old energy keeps him going!

He has learned how to sit down & get up from a sitting position. He was practicing this morning. So tonight he decided to show off his "mad skillz".
So he backs up against the bottom step.
Aunt Erin & I clap.
What does the bugger do?
He decides to lounge.
Just leaned back & put his arms out on the step above.
It was the funniest thing!!!!
Maybe you had to be there...tee hee.

Anyway it's almost 11 & I need to get cleaned up & to bed.
Cheeks gets up early!

Woop's out!



Great lo! Love it!

Now that is too Funny about Cheeks!


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Awesome Abby

Ooo! I LOVE THIS LAYOUT!!!! LOVE it! Yes, when I come up for the kids to play and to get my girlfriend fix, we will definitely scrap, scrap, scrap!