Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cheeks, Binky Hunter

I need to sic Cheeks, Binky Hunter on the cc companies.
By accident & I really do mean it was an oversite, I missed my payment last month.
So they want like a katrillion dollars this month.
So the company calls & asks me to call back.
I do b/c last month my cc was compromised & I'm thinking, great it's happened again.
No they wanted to schedule a payment over the phone.
I told the gentleman "No, I will not do that, I will pay online like I normally do"
So he persisted.
I finally told this gentlemen, who I had a sneaking suscipision (?) was overseas, "Look I know you don't care but I don't get paid til next week, I have like $4 in my account, I'm not scheduling a payment now or in the future over the phone. I'm stubborn & I will not budge"
After a moment of silence I got "Well maam if you just want to schedule the payment over the phone!"
I felt like Charlie Brown who goes to kick the football & Sally just rips it out from him.

Now onto my money save for the day.
Had to stop at the Thriftway to pic up the Hot Dog buns for dindin.
I was planning on heading to the CVS to get Scott Paper Towel 6pk for like $7.00.
Well Tway had Bounty Basic 6 pk for $5.00.
I so spaved on that.

On that note...woops out!



yay! so glad you came out of lurk-dom! hehe LOVE this layout!


hehe Hi. So glad you came and said Hi!! Love that binkie layout and your cutie Ethan!

Will be back to look at your wonderfullayouts :)