Monday, January 28, 2008

Ride Em Cowboy!

This is his favorite toy right now!
I mean, really, he gets on it & bounces like there is no tomorrow.
All the while going ....aye aye aye aye aye.
This child loves to jump.
Any chance he gets.
He has since he was in the womb when he would jump off my bladder.
Ah, memories.
He has now learned to jump w/o holding on.
Makes me a nervous wreck but he's 17 mos. & full of energy.
Now that is a Zebra he is on.
The sounds effects are for a horse & it even makes boing noises & yeehaws.
It's pretty darn cute.

Nothing else exciting.
I got my 1st check from
Hold on to your seats.
It is for:
O don't be jealous, you can earn mad money like that too.
Sign up.
Tell them I sent you.

I am now waiting for my $25.00 check from the government b/c of a scam Visa did back in the day.
Apparantly they charged extra charges for purchases made overseas & there was a class action lawsuit.
So since I went overseas & used my Visa I was eligble.
There were ways to get your exact money back but do I remember what I bought?
Not really.
Do I have receipts?
Come on now!

So I think with this money & the massive $6.00 check I will put this in my emergency fund...woohoo...that means I will have $46.00 in there.
Go me!
I'm pathetic.

Well I must go.
Leave me love, if you can!

Woops out~!



OMG, you always seem to crack me up woman!


Colors of Me

emergency fun - whats that lol - i just signed up for that 2 cents thing - as long as i home not doing anything i might as well do something