Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weekend Recap

This is the most smile Tim will give for the camera.
Is that look not the look of every 14 yr old boy....why me? how did I get stuck with these people for parents & family? Yep. I think it is.
So 2008 is starting with a bang for Cheeks.
He brought the new year in by getting a black eye.
Well yesterday we went to a baby shower for my brother (how many of you knew I had a brother, eh? How many??). Anyway it was held at his firehouse which, thank God!, had carpet.
So there was Cheeks.
When all of a sudden his feet get in his way & he goes down.
Slides about a foot.
Starts to scream.
About 5 mins later the rug burn appears.
On the top of his forehead.
On the tip of his nose
Under his nose.
I have my own Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.
This poor kid!
I was just looking in the One Step Ahead catty & what do they have?
A foam helmet.
I'm thinking this would be a good investment.
Now I've been on the money saving plan since the '08 began.
Yes, I know it's only been 6 days.
So today I called my cable company to see if there were cheaper options.
I got my internet/digital cable bill lowered.
I will be paying approx $25 less per month.
Then I went to the foodstore & came up $3 under budget.
I bought a dozen bagels, so I don't have to buy one at WaWa in the morning.
I will make it here & take it with me.
Tomorrow I hit up Super Fresh for triple coupons plus they have 12 packs of Pepsi on sale for $1.88, Juicy Juice 2/$4 (I have a $1 coupon) & Lean Cuisine 6/$10 (again, $1 coupon).
Once I have the Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi in da house, I will be taking those to work as well.
No more stopping in the am at the WaWa for breakfast!!!
It averages about $5 a day for that & I can get enough bagels & soda & cream cheese for waaaaaaaay less that will last me longer.
Go me!
On that note...Woop's out!



Good for you. We are doing that as well.

I'm calling cable and canceling the phone as we'll all have cell phones shortly.

I'm also going to cancel Curves I think, since I don't have that much time to go anymore.

Ah, the things we give up.