Thursday, January 10, 2008

Presenting October for Nana's Calendar

I really like this page.
So much so I didn't want to put in the calendar but I will just make one for me!!!
If I ever scrap again.
Seems the only time I have to do it, is after Cheeks goes to bed & by then, I'm pretty tired.

So nothing new to report.
No new scrapping.
I turned down the Blogsvertize for today.
It was a subject I didn't want to review.
That's the nice thing about that site.
No money saved.
Stopped at CVS to get milk & see what they had for 90% left in the Xmas stuff.
It was picked over.
I had my choice of Dora the Explorer chocolates or candy corn!

I hit up the foot doc in the morning.
Since August my right foot has been very painful.
If I'm not on, it's not bad but in the morning, I have to stand for a few minutes so my foot gets used to the floor, then I limp around for a few minutes & I'm ok.
Til I sit.
Then I have to go threw this ritual everytime I stand.
Xmas shopping was brutal.
I would do a day of shopping & be in pain for like 4.

I had heel speers back in the 90's & I think they have come back.
Wish me luck.
I get xrays tomorrow so I guess they will be able to see.

Woops out!


Awesome Abby

What did you find out about your leg? Love all the layouts....and Cheeks is lookin' good, too! Saving money, eh? I'm trying, too! Go us!