Friday, January 04, 2008

The Shiner & an obvious oversight

Lookin good Cheeks, lookin good.
I guess Mommy needs to buy yellow & purple cardstock to scrap this.
Not my fav colors but I will make it work.
This poor kid. Just by the fact he is my kid, I expect lots of bruises & bumps...factor in some Bobster DNA & he will creek whenever he moves.
Good genes.
Good genes.
Now, onto the obvious oversight.
The other day I listed Cheeks fav people.
I forgot to mention someone of very importance & who ranks higher than me.
That would be Aunt Erin.
She is like #7, one above moi.
He even said her name the other day. Then I called her so he could leave it on her voice mail. As soon as he heard her voice, he got stage fright & wouldn't talk.
He loves his Aunt no worries there chica.
Nothing really going on.
Busy weekend ahead.
Trying to spend as little money as possible.
Super Fresh is offering triple coupons, no limit, so I am hitting them up this weekend.
Shop Rite has their can can sale going on...hitting them up before next week is out.
Have to fight with my Amazon visa. They say I didn't pay in Dec.
I paid!
I will prove it, plus the rat bastards charged me an over the limit fee.
Can you stand it?
I just don't know what I'm going to do.
Bobster seems to be on board with me with the finances.
He wants a house.
I want a house.
The kids need a house.
So we need to save the emergency fund.
Pay off the debt.
Save for a down payment.
Now in other news...poor, poor Britney Spears.
Now, hopefully, the dr's will be able to diagnose the poor girl with extreme post partum.
I hope she gets help.
She lost custody of the kids & now KFed has them.
Who would have predicted that.
Woops out!



Hey girl, haven't checked in in awhile here - Cheeks is growing so fast - the shiner is cute in it's own way.....I'm sure not his last! I agree on Brittney - methinks it's bipolar, but whatever it is, I think she needs to go home to Louisiana and take care of herself!