Friday, January 18, 2008


Not the most flattering photo of Mr. Man but I wasn't posting any other ones from his bath photo shoots...too many sickos on the net!

Anyway, Cheekers now bathes in the big boy tub. No more duck. The duckie has gone onto more watery friendly pastures (well not really I am keeping it for a little while). He likes going in the big boy tub but the past 2 nights he hasn't wanted to sit for me. I don't know if this is a result of the diaper rash or the fact that he knows he can stand in there. Makes me a nervous wreck that he is in b/c he likes to flail around when he is pissed. Sadly, he is getting to big for the duck.

I am still on my quest to a more frugal lifestyle.
Trying to save money but pay debt at the same time...this is almost impossible!
Haven't gotten any good deals lately but I have to hit up the supermarket over teh weekend for some shopping.

I need to scrap as well.
I have 2 cj's to finish up before I get 2 more in the cj I am doing at
Scrappin Mojo. If you haven't checked out that site...go's fabu!

Well I have babbled on enough so.........
Woops out!