Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Electrolux!!! Who knew

Ok. Most of you know, I am not Suzy Homemaker. I put on a great facade but in reality I am not. So of course, I need help in creating this facade, this is where Electrolux Vacuums come in to play! At first I thought these were the vacuums of yesteryear...ya know, door to door salesman. Not so....check out the website.....Electrolux Vacuums.

They have many to pick from & I like variety when shopping for something that I am going to need for many years. Check this one out, in particular, Electrolux 4870 Upright, it's a bargain at approximately $150 - $177, comes with a bag & a headlight. No more wearing a miners hat when I vacuum, that alone is worth it. I kept bumping the light & it would play shadow puppets on the wall for Cheeks. Great for him, head trauma for me.

Anyway I stumbled across this site: Electrolux Vacuums & am so glad I did. Yes, I am trying to rebuild the savings but I need to keep the home clean as well. So these vacuums will stand the test of time and are a bargain. This way I am spending & saving...A SPAVE! So go check it out. They have the vacuum that reminds me of my Grandmom's...ya know, the one that you pull & the hose is waaaaay bigger than the vacuum & then they have the one that I linked up there. Seriously, get over there & check it out. If you love vacuum, honestly, who doesn't! LOL Then Electrolux is the way to go.

Happy Vacuuming!

Those are my thoughts today.
Think I am ready for the padded room & wrap around closet, just in general?
You betcha!

Woops out!



you need rest...there's' an issue going on here with vacuum cleaners meghan. though fond thoughts of grandmom are going thru your head about the kind of sweeper she had you have blocked out all the swearing and screaming she did about a canister type vacuum. they are a pain in the butt. you have to drag it around with yu and dont even try to vacuum stairs with them. verrrrrrrry hard to balance all of it on the steps. i know from whence i speak,,,,but maybe you could get erin to do it for you. baaaaaaahahahah ttfn


I'm always up for a good bargain!