Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Cheeks is frustrated b/c mommy's spelling lesson post didn't due any good a few weeks back.

Let's start with the first.
*sigh* When referring to a retail establishment, a church, a venue, etc is is AISLE!
Yes, yes, with an A.

When referring to land surrounded by water it is ISLAND.
See a pattern.

So please when writing about walking down Aisle 2 at Target, it's A I S L E.

Now onto the second spelling error of the day.
We are back to my name.
People, people, people, when you add an a after the e & before the g it changes the pronunciation.
My name is not MAYGIN....contrary to what you think.
I say it Meggin...Really I say it, you should be able to repeat it the way I say it...perhaps clueing you in on how to spell it.

Now I would accept Megan...really this is common.
I do not accept Meagan.
Totally different name!
So if you are unsure about how to spell it, just ask. I will tell you with an "H"
the next person who says where does the "H" go, I'm gonna say

UP YOUR ***, sorry, I mean I will say
AFTER THE "G", like a good girl.

Sorry readers...must be post PMS or something.
It's just a pet peeve of mine to use those words above in the incorrect text.
Drives me batty.
Also, if you are eating chips, dorito's or anything in a bag...DO NOT CUT THE BAG!
I bet you.
No cutting!
Please, leave the bag alone...pour what's out on a paper towel.
If you want to be "green" then use a bowl or plate.

Ok, off my ranting soap box!
Thanks for listening.

Woops out!



ok meg i agree with the ranting about correct way to say your name. i am after all the person who named you. but i have to disagree with the cutting of the bag rant. not all of us were blessed with arms the length of vines. i for one have short arms and have a hard time reaching the bottom of chip bags and the like. thus removing the top of the bag offers me better reach to the chips and less grease on my forarms. when you dont cut the bag your arm goes wayyyyyyyy down. granted the grease is good if yu have dry arms but the chip crumbs stick to you and cause minor itching. i refuse to NOT cut the i'm cutting outta here
the nana

Kim - ScrapToMyLu

I'm only going to refer to you as M now. :)
I gave up the name thing. People call me Kimberly all the time.......but I'm only a Kim.
Now with my last name......back to the english lesson. Demon is ONE M.......Demmon is TWO M's. You do not pronouce it sounds like Lemon with 2 Ms.
So when a telemarketer calls and asks for Mrs Demon.....I kindly tell them to go to Hell. :)
I feel much better now.


Okay can I take Meggers??? Really I always check my spelling before I send it to make sure I have got Meghan and nothing else.. I hate having my name spelled wrong as well..

Seriously.. it's NICOLE, not NICHOLE...If I wanted to be NIC HOLE I would be asked to be called that... So I write there with you babe..

I do make peoples life hard though.. I dont like being called NiK with a 'c'. (NIC) I like NIK.. and there is no 'K' in my name... LOL!!

Okay I am done now too..

BTW Isle is correct but so is Island LOL!!!