Wednesday, January 09, 2008

In my quest to pay off the debt

I have joined other bloggers over at

What does this mean?
It means that they will give me assignments, I will check out the product or the website they want me to, then I will come here & write a mini review.

You are all in for a treat.
Not only will you get my mutterings about my family, the eye candy I like to call scrap layouts & my rants about stupid things, you will not be getting my opinion on different things. This is so worth coming here now, doncha think?

Anyway, it's super easy, this
You need a paypal account b/c they only pay out that way. They pay a nice amount, even if you get the lowest payment for a post. It can not be any easier!

Please go check it out & join me in my quest to earn extra income while I sit on my tushie!!!
Earn income while sitting on your tushie.
Just visit

Trust me I need to save/earn money b/c today I made the fauxpau of waiting til I found a cheaper gas station.
Um, yea, I ended up paying .06 cents more a gallon b/c I had waited.

Woops out!