Sunday, December 02, 2007

2 in a row...I'm on a roll

As you can see, my normally happy, had a rehearsal sitting on the lap, son was in no mood to smile today. Sigh. It still came out ok.

We started out today by picking up the Nana & heading to the deadest mall on the East Coast, Echelon Mall. No waiting for Santa! Cheeks just wanted to walk. He smiled at Santa while I was holding him but then we he sat on his lap, he was like, um, ok, I won't cry but I'm not smiling either. Such is life.

Afterwards we dropped my mom & Tim off. Tim wasn't feeling well. The rash wasn't anything Earth shattering but he caught a cold & just wanted to chill. My mom didn't feel like going out, so she went home too.

Then off the another mall with Cheeks, the aunt & Chris.

Chris got my mom her gift from all the kids. He picked it out. He also got Erin something, me something & his dad something.

Then we came home & Erin took Chris to Target where he got something for Cheeks & Erin went to get one thing & came home $66 poorer.

Cheeks fell asleep at 6:30, woke up at 7:30 for like 15 mins., & then back to sleep. I have a feeling he'll be up at like 5.

Good times.

Good times!

Anyone get any Xmas cards yet?

My Aunt Chris sent me one. She's usually the first to send them to me. I am writing a few out each day. Just don't have it in me to write them.

Let's see, my rant for today.....if you have a stop sign but the car coming into the intersection does not & they are going & you decide to go at the same time, even tho. you have the stop, why do you insist on calling the other person "Asshole". Hmmm......ponder this & get back to me. I will most likely in jail for Road Rage so send bail money...:>)

Woops out~!



I thought that Santa looked familiar!!! Think we are going to take Eric to Echelon also.