Thursday, December 06, 2007

You can barely

see my double chin or my chipmunk cheeks.
You can, on the other hand, see my thinning hair.
O well. I took this and a few other pics to send to Bobby awhile back.
So let me fill you in on my luck, lately.
Last week I got a call from the fraud dept @ Chase Manhattan. It appears my credit card (that I love!) had been compromised, so they had to close it. AKA...someone stole my cc number.
Then I order a Xmas gift via Ebay.
I get notified that it ships.
I get the the track info, track it, call Fed Ex & find out that the shipper had it returned claiming I canceled the order.
Um, no!
I got to Ebay.
The shipper/seller has closed shop.
Another NICE!
So I had to file a dispute with paypal.
Then in the 4 weeks I have been at my new job, they fired the Director of Sales & the temp who has been there forever was let go, even tho. they promised her a position. My boss is saying how bad things are & he can't believe he was allowed to higher two people. Now there are only 5 people in this office. Rumor is, or the feeling is, they are going to close our office or lay people off.
I can't catch a break. I will just wait it out.
Still need to get my tree. Everytime I go to get it, it's wet out. I don't fancy bringing in a wet real tree into my living room. Hopefully Saturday.
Nothing else really earth shattering to report.
If you are reading my blog, could you post a hello...especially if you lurk.
I would love a little holiday spirit/hello from my readers...all 4 of you! :>)
Woops out!



hang in there girl.... chin up and all that crap.

Or.. do as I do.. and go for a cold tasty beverage

Kathy Carr

I had a cc compromised and had to file fraud charges with ebay too. I think it's a common occurence now a days. Hang in there Meghan!! And get that tree - even if wet. I brought a free snow covered one last night - it's looking and smelling beautiful today and makes me smile. Haven't decorated yet!


Hey Meghan...I was Lurking around your blog today..for the first time...Its Sheree from the playgroup! Its actually very fun to read...♥thanks for sharin it with us! :O)
Sher :O)

Jennifer Lavender

I don't know about holiday cheer, I don't even have my tree out of the closet yet, but I will come out of lurkdom and say hello. I hope things get better for you real quick. In the mean time, a nice warm cup of hot chocolate with extra chocolate will work wonders.



Felicia McB

aw Meghan! so sorry you're having a rough time! Just take it one day at time, things will get better!
At least that's what I tell meself!


Oh big HUGS Megs.....

Hope everything starts coming up roses soon


Sorry you are having a bad day! The CC and Ebay is enough to send a person to the looney bin. :-))


I've had problems with cc theft before and it sucks.

As for luck, mine sucks too. I hate my life right now. I HATE IT!

Hope things are better soon!

Love to you!