Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years (almost)

So here it is....3 hrs before the new year.
Can you believe it?
I remember when we turned 2000 & I was so worried about everything going balooey.

So, how did I end the last day of 2007 with Cheeks.
I was in the kitchen, Bobster & kids in the living room.
I hear a thud, I hear Bobster yell an obscenity & then crying.
It seems Cheeks tripped over his own two feet & went side face down on our bottom step that leads upstairs.
After Daddy got him calm I looked at it, it was swelling pretty good.
The eye that is.
Looks as if Cheeks will kicking off 2008 with his first official shiner.
I guess it had to happen at some point but I was hoping for maybe when he was 18.

Right now I am enjoying the silence downstairs. Cheeks just went to bed...a little later than usual due to hitting his head, Bobster & Tim are upstairs playing PS3 & making noises & smells that I assume only men can enjoy! Danny went home as his family had a party to go to.

So are you making resolutions for the new year?
I am.
I did well with mine last year.
Here's what I would like out of this year:
  • Get finances in order....this includes getting $1000 in an emergency fund, snowballing payments on the credit cards, adding to savings and saving for disney. This will take some time & doing but I think it is definitely doable.
  • Not bicker as much with Bob & try to let a lot go. I am picky about a lot & I let a lot bother me, so I am going to try to letitgooooooooo (that's one word!)
  • Lose weight (bahaahaa)
  • Cook more & get my grocery bill down
  • Make more time for friends...this is important
  • Scrap more

So don't be shy, tell me what you would like to do in '08.

Happy New Year!!!!

Woops out!



Ouchies! Hope he's feeling better soon and that you post pics! ^_^

I'll try to post to my blogspot so you can see my resolution/hopes/goals... whatevers... LOL!


Aww... poor baby! Poor Mommy!Boomer was always falling and hitting his face or head. lol


awww, my poor little guy!!! I'm sure this will be an adorable scrapbook page though! :D
I hope it's not too awfully bad of a shiner. He really knows how to kick off a new year! :) I hope the best for you and your family Meghan! And not to worry, I'll share my resolutions on my blog ... shortly! Ten minutes to go ... sigh


poor lil guy! i remember those days.......when we were on a first name basis with the ER staff and i lived in fear of someone thinking i abused my kids! LOL

happy new year! i'm finally gonna get my bedroom done, i think. haven't touched it since jordin died and i'm almost afraid to see what lurks under all those piles!


Sounds like you are doing Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover too! :) We've been working on it since October 2007, and already paid off one debt, are close to paying off my student loan, and after that we'll start paying off the two vehicles. We already had the emergency fund when we saw Dave live. Good luck! :)