Thursday, December 13, 2007


12 days til Christmas.
Can you stand it?
Are you done shopping yet?
Me, nope! Will have to finish this weekend or it's curtains.
Tomorrow is the day all the big guys from the corp. office are coming to our office. Guess I will find out if I am still employed tomorrow or if they are closing shop. The parent company just offered anyone 50 or over an earlyl retirement pkge.
Not looking good folks.
Went & saw the newest baby tonight.
What a doll!
He has jet black hair & it is all over his head. So long that you could gel it & spike it! I mean, it's a lot! Holy Moly.
He's such a love tho!!!!!
Makes me want to have another.
Don't get any ideas.
The oven is closed for additional baking.
On that note....
Woops out!


Kathy Carr

I'm stressed as I don't have my shopping done. I took a vacation day tomorrow to hopefully shop as I'll spend the weekend painting our bedroom. Once that is done I can move into my new Scrap Studio!!