Thursday, December 20, 2007

Your Holiday Pronunciation Lesson

A conversation btwn my dad & I today prompted me to write this entry.

We will first tackle my name.
As you all know, I have it spelled incorrectly & also said incorrectly.
It's pronounce it like this M-EGG-IN.

Next we will move on to my sister.
She is known as this is not the same as the name's not the feminime version nor does it sound the same.
She doesn't pronounce it Air-in.
Can you say Earth....good.
Now just the 1st syllable in Earth...that would be add the word in.
There ya go! You are getting good at this fancy pronouncin thing!

Now we have my mom.
She would be known as Laura.
No, no, no, not Lora, Laura.
Like this...say Larva. Good, good, now just say the first syllable...Lar....fabulous!
Now put a long a on the end.
Put it together & you get Laraaaaaaaa.
See, Laura.

Let's move on to the Poppason.
He will be known as Leslie....thank the good Lord, he's Leslie...his twin brother is Lester...that is another post for another day.
Leslie is a genderbender can be either a female or males name.
Notice the spelling...there is an "s" in there, not a "z" like most people think.
So when saying you would say LESS-LEE....not LEZLEE....are you all following.
It's simple stuff really.
So we have:
On a final note, when abbreviating just use one "S", hence Les....when adding an additional "S" you change it from a name to a word, such as Less is More.

Thanks for participating in your holiday pronunciation lesson.
You may return to your merry making!!

Woops out!