Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Finally got around to that RAK

First, went a lil old school with that pic.
Looks like Cheekers, no?
That's Aunt Erin when she was a cute & a dead ringer for the Cheeks.

Anyway finally got to pic the RAK for my 200 goes to Michelle!
So Michelle...send me your addy for a little surprise in the mail.

How is the shopping going?
Me, oiyve! Not so good.
I only get a 30 min lunch & there is nothing close to me....I mean I work in the boonies. It's helping me save on buying lunch out tho. Altho. Monday I ran to's at the corner so I was there, filled up the mini, got lunch & was back in 10 mins. Of course they are somewhat limited on what they serve but Wawa has got to be the best convenient store EVER!!!! For all of you that read outside the Delaware are missing out!

It snowed today.
I think we got a 1/4 inch & it only laid on the grass etc. Will most likely be gone by morning.

Well, I'm tired so Syanara Sweetheart!