Saturday, December 01, 2007

Can It Be Done?

I suck in the updating the blog daily, don't I?
I think I will give myself a challenge to update daily.
Altho. who reads this?

As you can see last weekend we launched the holiday season by putting together our Gingerbread house. Cheekers was the architect. The house is small but held up wickedly better than the Gingerbread Haunted House. Remember that fiasco.

I still owe a rak for my post back in October, I think.
Sorry I haven't gotten to picking.
I promise it will be this weekend.

I am trying to get out the door to shop today but it's not working out. Waiting for Chris to get here & find out what is going on with Timmy. Poor kid has another rash close to his incision from his surgery. This kid is not having a good year!

Got more decorations up but not a lot is going up. You see breakables don't mix with a 15 mos. old!

On another note....if someone pronounces their last name for you, why would you in turn mispronounce it? Or better yet, add sounds that aren't in there.

There is no H in my last name. Hasn't been all my life, so why, do people insist on pronounces like "Whipple" Um, sorry, but it's not even spelled the same.

That's my final thought.

Woops out!


Kathy Carr

Hey MegHan, I read your blog everytime you post.


Me too! Maybe not everyday cuz I've been tremendously busy, but when I catch up, like today, you're on the top of the list baby!