Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Baby Paparazzi Strikes Again

He's on to the paparazzi!
See how he is covering his face, ala all the famous celebrities. Good thinkin Cheeks. Now this cutie patootie apparantly decided he was hungry today.
He was walking around, Aunt Erin had some freshly baked cookies cooling on the table.
She thought she had put them far enough back.
Next thing she knows, she looks over & Cheeks is standing at the table.
He stretches.
He grabs.
He bites.
He goes "YUM!"
He crackes me up.

Not much going on.
General holiday bs.
Tried to do some Dollar Store shopping tonight...nothing but the best for my family (it's for gift bags, thankyou) but I had the baby with me & he still hadn't eaten so home we went.

So life isn't really exciting so I will go.
Is your life exciting right now?
Let me know.

Woops out!



That picture just cracked me up. The cookie snatcher cracks me up. I guess he is a good taste tester. Has to make sure they are good. rofl