Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Holidays are Coming!

A little Christmas carol to get you in the mood.
May I say, check out the stunning clothings & hairstyles on the people in the audience.
I'm thinking circe 1980 perhaps.
Well it's still a great song.

So my shopping list is getting down to just little things.
Thanks goodness.
Erin & I took turns shopping today.
Cheeks is not the best shopping buddy lately. He just wants to walk so when he gets put in his stroller, it's like trying to rope a steer. Then when he does get buckled in, he thrashes around. Yesterday he did it so hard, he hit the side of his stroller & now has a bruise by his eye.

Bobster will be home in less than a week! Woohoo!

Christmas is a week away, basically. Can you believe it????!!!I haven't even mailed out my cards yet. I suck. They are made out I just have to drop them in the mail.

Not much else is going on, so.........
Woops out!



i for one enjoyed that video very much. as you know it's my fav christmas fun song. i remember seeing that on the dean martin christmas show in the very early 70's. daddy and i would wrap christmas presents while you were sleeping and watch all the neat specials that were on then. it was great. thanks for the memories schmeggie....the nana