Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Came, Christmas Saw, Christmas Conquered!

First up we have the tree after the kids went to bed.
Looks like Santa just exploded doesn't it?
Guess this is what you get when there are 3 kids & 3 adults & all the adults buy for the kids plus each other.

Cheeks, do you like your Elmo gift?
Santa decided that since Cheeks is such an Elmo fan, that everything with Elmo on it, including 9 dvd's, should be given to him on Christmas morn!

Ah, Tim, yes, yes, you are a keeper!

Brotherly Love! Chris loves Cheeks & well Chris is the apple of Cheek's eye!

The Aunt Erin....a little Vera Wang Princess.
She will be smellin good!

Gots to take my own pic.
How sad is that! LOL
I'm a looker, aren't I?

The Bobster & his Steelers blanket.
Sure, we live in Eagles country but leave it to the Bobster to be a Steelers fan. LOL Now everyone has their own blanky in this household!

New bike for Christmas...time to show off those mad skills.
Good thing it was relatively warm. Unfortunately the bike attacked the Papabird & his toe has swollen up to the size of a pickle. NICE!!

Ah, who is this?
This is a rare sighting!!!
This, everyone is my mom's hubby!!!
He is also a Bobster but we will call him PopBob, not to confuse him with Bobster or Bobster's dad, Bob. We must like Roberts in this family! Tee hee

Ah, the Grandparents!
Looks like Cheeks was worn out. Yea he was. He just didn't want to sleep.
To much excitement but the Nana can get him to cuddle. And he's all smiles for the Grandpop!
Next up we have the Bobster's clan....Bobster's little brother & his son (who you all know from my previous postings...that's Danny) & of course, the boys. We spent about 2 hrs with his family & exchanged gifts. His mom made me Belgian waffles. Ah, yes, tasty!!!
Finally this is how we have found Cheeks...since Bobster came home from the big island. The sun rises & sets on him in Cheek's eyes & any chance he can get to cuddle with the Daddy, he does. They must have stayed like that for 20 minutes!! It's rare to see my 16 mos. old slow down but when it comes to the Daddy, the world stops.
And that everyone is Christmas 2007 in a nutshell.
Oh yes, before I sign pics yet but Bobster got me a big ole DIAMOND RING!
Oh yea baby!!!!!
I need to get it sized but I couldn't believe it!
Look out 2008...we will be legit!
Woops out!



What a beautiful tree!!!! Love all the pics ... and SOOO happy he got you a ring!!! WHOOHOOOOO!!!! :) That's exciting!!! YEAHHHHH


CONGRATS my online friend! Can't wait to see your beautiful bauble!

Cheeks is so darn cute. He looks like a little angel.

Glad you had a great Christmas!



Congrats Meghan and Bobster! How exciting to get a ring for Christmas! lol


Congratulations Meghan!!! It looks like you had a great Christmas.



Meghan I love your Photos.... You can feel the love in that room through the photos.

BTW you can come and have Xmas at my place any old time!!!!